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School is around the corner!


This may be the first time your child attends school, or if he has been in daycare or playgroups, the first time in a more formal school setting.

Preschoolers are often worried about practical issues such as, “When are you coming back? Where is the bathroom? What if I can’t open my lunchbox? What if I don’t want to nap?”

Plan to stay around the classroom for a while for the first few days to help with any transition issues, if you can. If your child doesn’t want you to go, look for something you know your child likes to do. Young kids often like physical materials like play dough that they can work with their hands.

Turn to the teacher or guidance counselor for assistance if your preschooler won’t let you leave. Many preschool teachers have been dealing with separation issues for years, and if you picked the right school, you are leaving your child in good hands. You can often call later to check on your child.

Some preschoolers may have trouble eating or sleeping and melt down on the way to or home from school. Some may be angry at their parents for sending them to school and have trouble sleeping on Sunday nights. This phase is normal as kids are adjusting to a lot of new experiences, and usually short-lived, but if it continues you should consult with your school.


Kindergarten often means the start of a new and bigger school. Kindergartners have many of the concerns of preschoolers about leaving home, plus some new ones.

There are many new things for your child to adjust to in kindergarten. There may be more children in the class and on the playground. The school day itself may be longer, and there may be many new friends to meet. Kindergarten becomes more comfortable once kids get used to and understand the routines.

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